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do you masturbate while in a relationship?

  • Radical
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    October 23, 2017 4:05 AM EDT
    Any one of us masturbate by yourself why in a relationship? Does your significant open about it?
  • vivianiteveil
    • 6 posts
    January 9, 2018 3:19 AM EST

    Yes I do. My partners have never been successful at giving me an orgasm. I'd like to keep it open with my SO about it, to be comfortable enough to do it next to them if they are understanding, but otherwise i have no problem hiding it too.

  • June 6, 2018 2:29 AM EDT

    Of course :))


  • June 26, 2018 9:24 AM EDT

  • KweenTatiana
    • 2 posts
    July 3, 2018 9:23 PM EDT

    If they allow me to, yes. 

  • jolenemoon
    • 17 posts
    August 19, 2018 1:27 PM EDT

    I don't understand the ages of the people posting here, or the original thread-starter/question-asker, but it should never ever be a problem in a relationship to gratify yourself or explore your sexuality by yourself (ever). It should be something that both of you enjoy if one or the other is enjoying themselves and masturbating with or without you. (Doesn't it turn your partner/you on???) I just cannot understand why anyone's partner would ever have a problem with this - unless your partner is not regularly/having sex with you, at all, or very often compared to how much they are masturbating, why would this ever be a problem and certainly why would it be the standard. Perhaps my experience is different, or perhaps the posters here are just younger/in more conservative relationships. Who knows. But the point is: masturbation is a healthy habit to have, in and out of relationships, as long as it (like anything else) isn't excessive.  

  • DevilsFood
    • 12 posts
    August 21, 2018 6:34 AM EDT
    Um...nooooo..... XD

    I'm Innicent!


  • darksign
    • 4 posts
    August 24, 2018 8:53 AM EDT

    Damn straight. not really sure why you'd not do it. they can't be around all the time can they 

  • jolenemoon
    • 17 posts
    August 24, 2018 3:27 PM EDT


  • January 7, 2019 11:16 AM EST
    I’m guessing that it depends on the perspective on whomever wrote the post.

    When in a relationship, it was enjoyable when in combination with the other person, rather than as an excessive alternative when not having sex (those many days when she was tired or had a migraine or the flu e.t.c.)
  • DevilsFood
    • 12 posts
    January 7, 2019 9:42 PM EST
    Yeah...though not as often anymore these days...ha.....
  • June 18, 2019 8:53 PM EDT

    Of course,. Why wouldn't i? I mean our sexlife is great so the masturbating doesnt happen as often as it used,. But it still happens,. For both of us actually,

  • kingcholera
    • 1 posts
    June 20, 2019 8:46 PM EDT

    yep especially when they're being an ass

  • June 23, 2019 1:26 PM EDT
    Interestingly enough, I tend to indulge myself more often while in a relationship than not... primarily because there's far more new material in my memory's inspiration bank to draw from in moments of boredom or unbidden arousal. Additionally, we can't expect our partners to make themselves "available" 24/7 now, can we?
  • cats
    • 4 posts
    June 23, 2019 3:07 PM EDT
    Yes. It doesn't make a difference if I'm in a relationship or not. If I feel the need or want then I do it. I don't need permission from anyone lol
    Also, most of my sexual partners haven't been able to satisfy me to orgasm so I would finish myself off while they either watched or showered. Nobody ever had a problem with it.
  • June 23, 2019 6:09 PM EDT
    Honestly, Cats, I don't see why any of them would! While I'm sorry to read that your ecstasy lies behind locks too intricate for most to articulate, I commend your lenience as regards an issue most would be annoyed or frustrated with. Also, I thank you for the lovely imagery...
  • cats
    • 4 posts
    June 25, 2019 12:35 AM EDT
    Haha you're welcome, I suppose. It's not much lenience and more so tolerance. It's something that's happened that way since I lost my virginity so I've just come to expect that I will have to give myself the push over because they will most likely not be able to. It is just a thought that I carry in the back of my mind when sex is involved.
  • June 25, 2019 8:45 AM EDT
    Aha - something you've become so accustomed to that it's become almost a self-fulfilling prophecy... but sometimes that extra push can be maddeningly sexy when initiated while still in the act (don't worry, moderators: I won't go into detail here, but I'm sure Cats knows what I mean!). I wouldn't be surprised if those who watched your solo self-conclusion found themselves suddenly reinvigorated and willing to lend a helping hand...
  • cats
    • 4 posts
    June 25, 2019 9:30 AM EDT
    As great as that would be, it is never the case. All of my partners have simply left me be afterwards. As for trying to finish during, that's what I do actually. They just simply finish before I get there and it's sort of irritating when I'm literally about done and they just stop. Can you imagine? Saying don't stop and that's exactly what doesn't happen. I mean, being so self absorbed that you simply don't care about what the other person thinks or wants. See, I can't because I'm not like that. Either way, it's become such a normal occurrence so it only bothers me slightly now. I'm just slightly salty.
  • June 25, 2019 5:02 PM EDT
    Ouch - I'm sorry to hear it. I have a hard time making it to the end if my partner isn't satisfied first
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  • MaryAugustine
    • 5 posts
    June 27, 2019 9:11 PM EDT

    I've only been on online relationship so to the question at hand yes, while I was talking to that person

  • June 29, 2019 6:27 PM EDT
    That's an excellent point - plenty of couples masturbate together because it's fun (it is), or because distance makes it the only option. I think it's safe to say that if it's shared and mutual, it falls into the same category as sex, which is as much about sharing an experience as it is about achieving orgasm
  • MaryAugustine
    • 5 posts
    July 1, 2019 10:15 PM EDT
    DestyNova said:
    That's an excellent point - plenty of couples masturbate together because it's fun (it is), or because distance makes it the only option. I think it's safe to say that if it's shared and mutual, it falls into the same category as sex, which is as much about sharing an experience as it is about achieving orgasm

    haha yeah and that person just said "that's sexy"

  • July 2, 2019 8:35 AM EDT
    Sounds like a wise and sensuous individual!
  • MaryAugustine
    • 5 posts
    July 2, 2019 4:53 PM EDT
    DestyNova said:
    Sounds like a wise and sensuous individual!

    heh yep she was ;) opps I said it lol