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  • Do you like strange stories of deaths, the paranormal, unexplainable incidents and of course alien encounters? Then come join me and read up on some neat things and discuss things you've experienced that just ain't normal.
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  • Trappernicus
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    Ouija boards have been around in their current form for over 100 years and similar ways of contacting the dead have been in use around the world for centuries. Some people think theyre just a board game people use to freak out gullible folks while others ...
  • SkullMurphy
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    Interesting, I'm gonna look into this a bit more.
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    *looks over shoulder*
    The Jews did 911
  • Ambergothchick
    When this picture was taken obviously the family saw nothing in real life or through the viewfinder of the camera. What do you think this photo caught? A ghost? Double exposure? Some creepy humanoid creature?
  • PersephoneZekk
  • Ambergothchick
    Do you believe in ghosts?
    What do you think they are?

    Feel free to share any experiences you might have had with spirits and the dead.
  • Ambergothchick
    Gareth Williams was a mathematician and employee of M16 (the British Secret Service) who was found dead in suspicious circumstances at a Security Service safe house in Pimlico, London, on 23 August 2010. The police found his body after going to the safe h...
  • Ambergothchick
    Feel free to say hi here and introduce yourself and say why you came to the group and what kinda odd stuff interests you the most.
    • Ambergothchick
      PersephoneZekk Right. Sort of like 9-11. That one was obvious. I figured that one out when I was 12 years old.
    • Ambergothchick
      Ambergothchick Yeah 11 year old me thought the buildings fell too weird. It looked like ever staged explosion you see when they demolish something
    • Ambergothchick
      PersephoneZekk Totally staged. Smoke and mirrors. That fire did not get hot enough to melt the steel. I call bullshit.
    • Ambergothchick
      Ambergothchick Yeah they tried to say the fire hit the gas lines and that made them explode n fall but the only fire was at the top of the buildings they shouldn't have fell like that.

      And i always wondered why they couldnt get more people out. Youd figure any floors...  more
    • Ambergothchick
      PersephoneZekk I know. Super suspicious.
      • Jul 10
  • Ambergothchick
    Since the late 2000's people all over the world have been hearing strange sounds coming from the skies. Some people think it's a sign from God (the angels trumpets signaling the end of days) others have no idea what the more metallic metal grinding sounds...
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