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    non-VF Admins

    Because I'm not a fucking powerhungry faggot like that
    led by heheExDee

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    British Group

    This is a local group, for local people.

    If you're in the U.K, come one, come all. Here we talk about British things like Weatherspoons, Greggs, and having disappointing, unfulfilling sex behind a Veolia bin - usually belonging to a Weatherspoons....  more
    led by DankerThanClanker

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    Universal Theory

    Universal Theory is a musical studio project created in 2011 by Jesús Pinilla and is based on one idea: “The Pleasure of Searching”
    The Music – Atmospheric, Melancholic, Romantic, Passionate, With Dark Passages - is composed from lyrics...  more
    led by JesusPinilla

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    Online Music Collabo's

    If you like making music and would like to work with other people from across the globe; let's hookup here and make some dope music! :)
    led by doggyboym

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    I don’t care what you’re political beliefs are. As long as we unite together against PC culture and piss of some NPCs. (((They))) will not stop us!
    led by AndyVampified

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    Conspiracies & Mysteries

    Do you like strange stories of deaths, the paranormal, unexplainable incidents and of course alien encounters? Then come join me and read up on some neat things and discuss things you've experienced that just ain't normal.
    led by Ambergothchick

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    Amateur Therapists

    The place where we can share our journeys and help each other towards emotional well being.
    led by Trappernicus

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    Gamer Kingdom

    Welcome gamers one and all!
    led by forgottenstatue

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    This group is your #1 source for everything paranormal. Join today and be part of our spooky family!
    led by ShadowAmour

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    VampireFreaks Immigrants

    Where else was there to go when the bombs fell?
    led by Jixx