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    Goth Talk

    A place where we can talk about any gothic related things.
    led by denixvames

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    Gothic Romance

    A group for romantically inclined goths to find each other, share personal stories and ways of expressing their feelings. Erotic content is allowed, poetry is encouraged. Please keep things positive and constructive. Make love, not war.
    led by BlackRoseKnight

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    Ever thought about how fun it be to be that slick elusive bad guy? Like The Jackal or that terrorist who always has the upperhand. This is a group I'm setting up for those that wanna create themselves as exactly one of those characters. We can't be bad...  more
    led by Nivram

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    Yaoi/yuri fans

    I know u girls are out there
    led by marius467

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    Darkly Inclined Geeks Unite!!

    This for ALL geeks and nerds on Gothwire!! It doesn't matter what your Edgy/Darkly Inclined Label is; Goth Emo/Scene, Punk, Metal-Head, Cyber/Industrial, WHAT-FREAKING-EVER!! If you have a fandom and/or have expertise in the academics, arts and/or...  more
    led by LokiIndigo2012

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    This is a serious group for LHP Satanists.
    led by finalsnow666

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    Rabbid Rabbi Rabbits

    Just chat
    led by Raziel2337

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    In this moment fan group

    For those of you who love in this moment
    led by Lsharris

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    Entertainment in style

    Youtuber? Streamer? Or simply someone who want to talk about goth
    Just be nice to each other and have fun
    led by DragonFrost