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    Magick class.

    a place to learn about many magick spells, lessons, rituals, necromancy, (something im interested in but need a teacher myself.) and more.
    led by SnowyIceWitch

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    to all who do indeed have clinical vampirism, renfield syndrome, or anyone loving vampires, or who drinks blood, lets talk.....
    led by mystic

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    Bvb emo lovers

    Chat bout people who annoy u and just have a laugh
    led by bvbdeathqueen

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    X Files

    For all those who want to believe and those who already believe.

    The truth is out there.
    led by verpissdich

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    Any types of roleplay you can imagine. The mind is unlimited with possibilities and ideas of things to write about so why not do a roleplay? Put your ideas with others.
    led by gothpregangel

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    Goth ink

    if anyone has any good Tattoos post it here
    led by MaggotsforLife

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    Free Thought Nexus

    Nexanism is the belief of Upholding the progression of mankind, In the name of Science, Politics, humanitarianism, and human Rights, envisioning a Vision known as Fata Ultima, The belief that the Ultimate Destiny of man is to progress in The fields of...  more
    led by SarahNafage

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    Pack of the ones that see more

    People that are more that See more the people who see the magic in the world
    led by Protector

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    Creepy Pasta

    just as the name implies, this is a creepy pasta type group. We'll discuss topics on some CP' that are very strange and scary, and some that really don't fit in, also share your own CP' and you will learn how to do your own also.
    led by Cryoborg447