• TragicPrince

    Next Feature?

    Posted by TragicPrince Jun 21 - 30 votes - 64 views
    Thanks the mysterious powers that be for putting so much work in here as of late. Just a poll to see what feature members would be interested in next. Chatroom: whether its just text or AV Instant Messenger: a feature for faster messaging. Verified Member Feature: similar to other websites, could tie in with another feature. Store for credits: A place to spend these credits we earn.
  • Ambergothchick

    "Real" Life

    Posted by Ambergothchick Jun 20 - 14 votes - 93 views
    Which do you think we're living in?
  • Katie4Opaque

    Listening to Music

    Posted by Katie4Opaque Jun 20 - 20 votes - 97 views
    We listen to music all the time but I just wanted to ask where is your most favourite time to listen, kick back and feel the rhythm of the beat... Leave comments below
  • Jixx

    Free Will or Determinism?

    Posted by Jixx Jun 20 - 7 votes - 51 views
    Are our thoughts and decisions truly autonomous and capable of forming without cause or inspiration as we wish them to, or is the mind essentially just a computer that's helpless to how it processes and reacts to information because it's bound to the laws of physics?
  • DrearyDeary

    Do You Want A Chatroom Feature?

    Posted by DrearyDeary Jun 19 - 34 votes - 87 views
    Could include, private messaging in-chat, with video and mic options.
  • Tokyo

    Are you sadist ?

    Posted by Tokyo Jun 19 - 9 votes - 56 views
    Which form of torture. Hm ?
  • Tipper

    VF Census

    Posted by Tipper Jun 18 - 87 votes - 170 views
    Have you migrated here from VampireFreaks?
  • xGothicOddityx
  • xGothicOddityx

    What’s Your Favorite Social Media?

    Posted by xGothicOddityx Jun 11 - 19 votes - 96 views
    what do you use most to socially interact on the internet?
  • Tokyo

    Best city ?

    Posted by Tokyo May 31 - 3 votes - 58 views
    Self explanatory