Do you even Goth, bro?

Posted Aug 26 by buriedwithin  -  152 views  -  15 takes

Just do it. You know you want to. 

Which Character Are You In 'Dead Friends'?

Posted Aug 24 by denixvames  -  125 views  -  6 takes

Since I created the first book of Dead Friends and I am currently working on the second one, I thought it would be entertaining to let you guys know which character you can possibly relate to. I...

Are You Going Withby Goth weekend this April?

Posted Apr 4 by jawbreakerc  -  144 views  -  1 take

The Whitby Goth Weekend is an alternative music festival. It was founded in 1994 by Jo Hampshire and has grown to become one of the world’s premier Goth events.   its happening...

Are You Goth?

Posted Mar 8 by denixvames  -  584 views  -  44 takes

A quiz to find out if you are actually a goth.

Do i like you?

Posted December 15, 2017 by SoulMaguire  -  308 views  -  20 takes

Learn weather i like you or not. {Critique is accepted}

Goth Zodiac: When were you born?

Posted August 15, 2017 by imperfectscarlett  -  626 views  -  34 takes

Pictures in Results Credit: Trellia at https://trellia.deviantart.com/

How well would you get a long with me?

Posted May 27, 2017 by MissBlackRose  -  525 views  -  25 takes

Hello my dears, I want to know who you are and I thought mabe a quiz could help me get a picture of how me and you will be friends ^_^

what type of goth are you?

Posted April 13, 2017 by MissBlackRose  -  985 views  -  64 takes

since you are a goth you are on this site. But what type of goth are you?

What Japanese Rock/Metal Band Should You Listen To?

Posted April 10, 2017 by FireVKGoth  -  436 views  -  14 takes

If you want a new band to listen to, or simply love Japan, maybe this quiz will help introduce you to some new bands you should check out!   Feel free to redo this quiz in the future to...

Which CreepyPasta would likely be your friend?

Posted March 5, 2017 by FireVKGoth  -  595 views  -  31 takes

Would you get on well with Jeff the Killer? Or maybe you'd prefer laughing your ass off with Laughing Jack? Who knows, honestly.   NOTE: this is for fun. Also, there will be some questions...

Which fictional high school best suits you?

Posted February 18, 2017 by FireVKGoth  -  420 views  -  10 takes

If you had the choice and could zap yourself into a fictional world, which school would be best for you? Time to figure that out.   (This is for entertainment purposes only.)

Which Dark/Gothic Anime represents you?

Posted February 17, 2017 by FireVKGoth  -  608 views  -  31 takes

Do you prefer the thought of fighting for your life or solving crimes in a God forsaken world? Let's see which anime represents you best!   (This is for entertainment purposes only.)

Which Gothic cartoon character are you?

Posted February 17, 2017 by FireVKGoth  -  582 views  -  24 takes

Are you Raven from Teen Titans? Or maybe you're Yoshiko Tsushima from Love Live! Sunshine? Does it matter? This is for fun only!

What Kind of Monster Hunter are You?

Posted October 25, 2016 by MemphySister  -  558 views  -  21 takes

You may or may not be curious, but with four options to choose from what does it hurt to take a little quiz to pass the time?

Are you a true VAMPIRE

Posted October 6, 2016 by London  -  730 views  -  39 takes

Are you afraid of the sunlight? Do you have a strange aversion to garlic and crucifixes? If you said yes, look no further, you are not a true vampire...

What's your place in society?

Posted October 6, 2016 by Shadow1313  -  855 views  -  59 takes

Are you a weirdo, loner, freak, or ruler?

what weapon are you ??

Posted September 12, 2016 by cosmicpuppy13  -  689 views  -  35 takes

You know you're curious now just do it!!

Do you see, sense, feel, energy, or do you feed on it?

Posted May 6, 2016 by SnowyIceWitch  -  749 views  -  55 takes

Take this quiz to find out if you feed off of energy, or do you take it, or if you can see sense feel energy with your third eye.

are you secretly evil or sweet

Posted December 30, 2015 by concreteveils  -  69 views  -  24 takes

quiz about you ether being eevil or sweet simple as that  

The G-man from Half-Life

Posted November 24, 2015 by Cryoborg447  -  766 views  -  12 takes

Ok so for those who have played the Half-Life video game series that was released for the Playstation 2 system in 1998, may have an understanding of just who the G-man is, but that is just the...

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