Abandoned Hotel - HEARD FOOTSTEPS!

Posted by Jermani
Heard footsteps inside this abandoned hotel, then ended up getting myself trapped. Never exploring a building like that alone again. Catch new videos every week at 6pm
Posted Jan 11 - Filed in People & Blogs - ##abandonedhotel #urbanexploring 
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  • Nivram
    Nivram next time bring a proper flashlight ...it helps
  • ShadowBane
    ShadowBane There is an abandoned house somewhere between Rock and Green County that my father and I drive/pass by all the time on our way our to our land to do maintenance. I'm not sure if it's safe to explore or not as it is badly dilapidated and for all we know,...  more
  • Jermani
    Jermani ShadowBane you should check it out, might be an interesting explore
    Jan 13
  • ShadowBane
    ShadowBane Nah, that structure looks unsafe. Collapsed barn next to it. Not taking any chances there. Looks awesome though.