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Does This Mean I'm Being Haunted???

Posted by Jermani
I'm not sure what to believe, I've been to lot's of haunted places but never experience a series of scary events in one week's time such as these.
Posted Jun 11 - Filed in People & Blogs - ##haunted #evilspirits 
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  • cutsNscreams
    cutsNscreams And this is why I also stop contacting the spirit world and following it. I had one incident when I was opening the vehicle car door open, and a force so strong, pushed me in and almost slammed the door on my leg. Luckily I was so spooked and fell in the...  more
  • cutsNscreams
    cutsNscreams -walked my dog at 3 am and she was singing. It came to the point that now I was the one being followed and stalked. So I stopped with the investigation. There is danger to it. There is always danger to it.