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  • The Jester

    Posted Fri at 3:28 AM by BlackKitten

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    As I look upon the wind. Picking up forgotten whims. Piece by piece I place and glue. With my whims I rule a room. A crown now made of social cues. I decree and chose whom to imbue. As I hear a knock, from who ? I Read More...

  • "That Gothic Moment..."

    Posted Tue at 6:15 PM by DevilsFood


    ...when You look up at The Bright Full Moon on a somewhat cloudy, somewhat breezy, timelessly-pleasant night, and You breathe in a looooong peaceful breath.....and You feel NO DIFFERENT than when You were 17.....<3 Read More...

  • Empty Clouds

    Posted Tue at 3:22 PM by ScalyManfish


    Wake up every day feeling like I'm cursed,every single second it just gets worse,I don't know why I have to feel this hurt,can't wait 'til the day I ride in that hearse,trying to alleviate with this verse,push the pain a Read More...

  • i apologize

    Posted Jul 14 by blessedangel13


    i apologize for keeping my distance with you and everyone else  im not sure if i want to have anyone get close and hurt by my fails im still learning to figure things out on my own when i just wanna heal hope you Read More...

  • Dreaming of Elysium

    Posted Jul 12 by Shiloh89

    2 Likes 36 Views

    I’m drugged with anticipation Craving to feel the release The sweet ecstasy that I love My body is begging for communion Needing, wanting, achingly so Dying to let my skin breathe The hope that I carry deep inside Read More...

  • The Haunt

    Posted Jul 12 by Shiloh89

    3 Likes 25 Views

    Midsummer and the grass is waist high now, wispy feathers motionless in the pink, lazy bees stumbling between petals in the ebbing heat of the day. Somewhere, swallows dart in the urgent congregation, chasing each other Read More...

  • I lost this Old Christmas Short Compliation VHS Tape

    Posted Jul 12 by EmperorHelvetegyt


    1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1948) 2. Christmas Comes but Once a Year (1936) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2p17kBv8F5I 3. Christmas Toyshop (1945) / Ye Older Toyshop (1935) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64wz Read More...

  • elizabeth

    Posted Jul 8 by FrozenthiaBelial

    5 Likes 36 Views

    the howling winds shrieked, lightning struck white snow blanketed the castle grounds wandering the onyx corridors illuminated by black candles and moonlight as her phantasmal visage lingers to consume thy crimso Read More...

  • "That Moment....."

    Posted Jul 7 by DevilsFood


    - ...when You keep (stupidly?) trying to actually LIKE a certain person..... - ...when some shitty Parker somewhere deservingly-gets A Parking Ticket..... -...when You go Do Your Laundry..... -...when You need t Read More...

  • Melancholy

    Posted Jul 6 by spookydevil6667

    3 Comments 5 Likes 40 Views

    Alone, again Hiding in my shame One more curse and I start to cry Scream at me when i ask you why Fragile soul, broken soul Yell at me, "do as you're told" Your heart is so cold Call me another name, mock me She' Read More...