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  • Vampirefreaks - Hidden Agenda no more!

    Posted Sat at 5:04 PM by ShadowBane

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    Let's take you back to 2004 a good five years after Vampirefreaks launched and just about the time that a generation of edgelords, mall goths, hipsters and hot topic shopping college trust fund kitties found an alternati Read More...

  • My little Secret

    Posted Sat at 11:15 AM by Draculina1

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    Tie my wrists behind my back, so I can't resistCover my eyes, so that I am blindPin me down, with your weight, so I can't movePunish me, for being a naughty girlYour punishment is harsh but pleasurableIt fills me w Read More...

  • The Lustful Deviants

    Posted Sat at 11:12 AM by Draculina1

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    Submissive manipulation, dominance prevails and controlsMasochistic tendencies leave a scar upon the skinBlood is spilled, devouredCries are heard, but ignoredWhips and chains excite, and inspire the massesOnly a s Read More...

  • You took your love away

    Posted Sat at 11:10 AM by Draculina1

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      You push me, use me, reject me; watch me fall.This hollow pain in my heart won't die.I hide the agony I feel deep within my soul.I am heartbroken, my soul soul is broken and bruised.Everyday passes in a b Read More...

  • Turning away from the world/Fading away

    Posted Sat at 11:09 AM by Draculina1

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    On your peripheral vision, like a flake of dust, a distorted image.Say goodbye to me like a waking dream.    Will you still be there, when I have destroyed almost all of myself.The cracks are starting to s Read More...

  • Slave to the blade

    Posted Sat at 11:07 AM by Draculina1

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    I am a junkie for pain and blood.I feed the need, inside my heart, the craving to slice and tear; and rip apart.There is violence and darkness in my soul, amongst depths never to be known.The pounding in my head wi Read More...

  • Lonely Girl

    Posted Sat at 11:05 AM by Draculina1

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    I wander aimlessly through lifeLoneliness fills my heart, wherever I goMy struggle to exist amongst adversitylies heavy upon my psycheThe longer, I continue to feel this wayI will become numb, to all feeling or sen Read More...

  • The Lost, lonely and broken souls

    Posted Sat at 11:03 AM by Draculina1

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      There is a distant void in your eyesA secret pain unknown insideSick hearts full of hate and despairTorment relentless and unforgivingHatred inspires the hateful, and the greedy dirty soulsYour love for m Read More...

  • Vampires in society

    Posted Sat at 11:01 AM by Draculina1

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    Come with meTake my cold dead hand in yoursDon't be afraid childI will heal all your wounds body and soulYou are divine, your blood is sacred to meThough, I will only drink from those that are willing to dieWill you die Read More...

  • The Pale faced man

    Posted Sat at 10:59 AM by Draculina1

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      The pale faced man with no nameGuide me further into my dream of nightmarish horrorWith your lantern in your hand, illuminate the shadows before meso that I might see what is before meReveal to me, what i Read More...