Confessions of an Estranged Deathrocker Pt. 1 (Introductions)

  • The confessions of an Estranged Deathrocker.

    It's often been difficult to juggle family/personal life with your hobbies and your culture of choice. Ask anyone. It get's difficult the older you get. I think it's due time that I present an honest perspective as to why I stand against most of the gothic community today. Even as a successful collector of one of the scene's pioneering musicians. It is important, first, to understand that my love for this musician heavily influences the choices I make and my views. I think it's important as a preservationist that reality be told, not distorted. I don't claim to have been there back than, I always check my sources and facts before I conclude and I only take creative liberties while forming a presentation. Over 2,000 people are subscribed to the Rozz Williams Scholars Society on youtube and roughly around the same amount on my FB page. Don't expect me to make a Patereon as I need to keep things both SIMPLE and LEGAL.

    Compared to these self serving people who reflect what I stand against, 2000 people is peanuts, and I understand that. Even with that in mind, I would still refuse help from any outlet. People such as the Vampirefreaks Community, youtubers like Angela Benedict and Black Friday are pushing views and things onto our scene right now that I stand heavily against. So much so that I wish I could eradicate all of the digital trail I've left online since 2007 that has benefited this scene.

    To state these blasphemous views I stand against right now in a manner that is straight forward, would be like going head first into a problem. I need to break and boil it down for people. I sincerely hope that even if you don't agree with me by the end of reading this, you will at least (understand). To understand something before you judge or conclude is very important. Not enough people form an opinion of their own.

    Do you believe in upholding tradition? Do you believe if nothing authentic is left in a tradition that it should be left to rest in piece? Than you're the guy who is going to be on my side by the end of all of this.


    During the 2000s, I was both a scenester and a student as well as a person with his own flaws. Not many people with a "goth image" to uphold will admit they have flaws. Your scene won't let you.
    To think this is a culture of victorian underwear sniffing post punk audiophiles with a twist of spider webs, bats and halloween themed TVs shows/movies and clothing is no different than calling me a child in a halloween costume. That is NOT me. That is NOT the people I love. That is just your concept of them. You have the instructions but you don't have the instructions to UNDERSTAND the instructions, dig what I'm sayin'? And to the people who think the scene is restricted to the night clubs and events compared to the online community, go to hell. You people are just as ugly there as you are online. I've seen both sides of the coin. There is so much to say here but this is going to be a multi part series. 

    so this concludes part 1, the introduction of my estranged "feelings".
    Part 2 wil be a story time. So gather your blankets, hot coacoa and pack a bowl should you wish to tune in next time. And I'll tell you a bit about myself and what built up to how I became the founder of the Rozz Williams Scholars Society, and eventually, we will concude why I am so hateful of what I see in my people today.

    All my love,



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    jolenemoon This stuff fascinates me - like, why is one of the most marginalised, hated subcultures/identity groups so utterly divisive and hateful of its own members and further subdivided based on arbitrary rules that nobody can agree on? It's bizarre to me. I'm...  more
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