Vampirefreaks - Hidden Agenda no more!

  • Let's take you back to 2004 a good five years after Vampirefreaks launched and just about the time that a generation of edgelords, mall goths, hipsters and hot topic shopping college trust fund kitties found an alternative to their beloved yahoo chats and myspace groups. 
    Profiles and cults had just launched and prior to that, well, you can see what the site used to look like using 's wayback machine.  

    There are a couple of you around here, I'm sure, who may have been around back than. 
    I was. And I can say like many that in those days I was a different person. Hell, I was a teenager. 
    But I feel my perspective here is important as I was part of that generation, wither i liked it or not. I may not have liked all the bands from that time as even back than I chased my own wagons before dabbling in music. (should get back to that), but I remember them fondly.  When you look at mainstream music today in the United States, I don't care who you are, the Nu-metal/edgelord/mall goth crap days were a blessing compared to what you have now.

    Yeah, there were people into Slipknot,Manson,Cradle of Filth, etc. 
    But VF during that time drew not only those kids but a small slew of clubbers.
    I'm not going to go into personal drama, or drama of others or any of that. I don't have to. The stories exist a' plenty.  
    The reputation VF has as an unhealthy environment is well deserved. Even back in these days I described earlier, it existed. The same cynical and snarky attitudes.  It's like a requirement in that community to be a contrarian one upping hipster with cynical viewpoints on everything.

    Jet is trying to pretend that 2003-2012 Vampirefreaks never happened. 
    The site blatently ignored and back burned the entire gothic rock deathrock post punk community in favor of electronic club music that was marketted off as Industrial. (Most music critics call it Aggrotech).

    For years, people at Gothic International (VERY DIFFERENT FROM TODAY),  fought valiantly tooth and nail to make sure the scene you're familiar with having shoved down your throat now by 80s bat brats and narcissistic college twits, more commonly known to the VF user during a time when the site's administration had repeatedly given us the middle finger.  When the cult WAS featured it was to promote the site to draw more people so that Jet could get more customers to his store or to get them to possibly attend whatever event he was promoting or even whatever mainstream musician he scored a promotional deal with.  

    And he's doing the same shit now. And I'm not stupid.
    That is why he has the site's featured content all of these dumb ass youtube goths that mostly make their views about goths about themselves or their wardrobe.  Tired of this shit and I'm tired of you people.

    The recent Alien Sex Fiend interview is not the first time someone has tried to take advantage of the site's ill-informed target audience (newcomer goths) and try to score some points for themselves. 
    (David, I'm talking about you.) 

    And it's no surprise that Jet is trying to tap into the deathrock scene last minute in an attempt to save his site.

    The people like me and others I know (even if I don't get along with them) who deserved to have their recognition for their life time's worth of promotion they did unofficially on that site were shirked.  

    I will always with a warm heart look back on the memories I share with some even if I myself was not very well received due to my arrogance (I had advantages/opportunities and was proud).  Those people did more for that site in a faster frame of time than some air head out of LA running her kids off to Release The Bats to pose for selfies for their facebook page. clubbers.  
    You're no better. Being at the club or at home or at an outdoor venue or even at Wave Gothic Treffen every year does not somehow validate your skewed views of history.  
    I've been to shows and clubs. Hell I booked a flight three times in my life to go to a show and stay with some friends or at the time lovers depending on which story I tell. And I had fun. But I also saw the ugly side of that. I saw the group of snot nosed pricks that are at the club for EVERY event even if the management isn't hosting a goth event.  I've seen the poker faced scenesters who have heard of you and try to talk to you

    (and than later gather in a corner of the venue and jeer at you among themselves while you're getting your record signed by the band and invited to come home with them, such as the night I met Shawn Terry). 

    I've seen the DJ who stole the club from the other DJs. I've seen the girl who dated people to get closer to higher up people. I've seen the edge lord who researches serial killers and is obsessed with gore as if he is attempting to desensitize himself.  I've seen it all.   But nothing is more irritating to me than seeing you guys out there trying to dress up like modern victorian vampires.   Any of you out there ever been to Vegas?  You ever see those guys that still dress like Cowboys. Got the leather belt with the bull buckle, bandanna around the neck, cowboy hot, leather vets, spurs on their boots... the whole fuckin' 9 yards. They hang out at Casinos.  (Ah, Sheeiit, I crapped!)

    Well...guess that? That's not a stereotype. People dress and act like that still.
    And guess what you're doing?

    It's no different than online.  Lay off your dab pen for a few minutes and let go of your ego. 
    The whole "online is different than the clubs" crap is just an effort by these people to push others into attending events, so their local scenes and DJs make more money, and these youtubers get more popularity, Jet features them on his site, he gets ad revenue, he gets sales on his clothing store (even though he really doesn't give a fuck about Deathrock/post punk).  

    VF is trying to indoctrinate all the ignorance projected by youtubers onto the scene, and CAPITALIZE $$$$ on it!
    I hope the people in the community with a history of VF become aware of this and it all backfires on you.
    Because it will. It will....

    You're killing your children.....


  • buriedwithin
    buriedwithin Well said. Even though I was an adult well before VF or consumer internet was around, I know that I too am far different than I was back then. I believe it was 2000 that I first tried VF at the suggestion of a friend from Deadjournal. I made a few...  more
  • Veritas
    Veritas "VF is trying to indoctrinate all the ignorance projected by youtubers onto the scene, and CAPITALIZE $$$$ on it!"
    Jet doesn't watch or read the content posted on his site unless he wrote it or posts it at his own. He doesn't even gain anything...  more
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    ShadowBane A sympathizer....hunny, nows not the time.
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    Veritas A sympathizer? Oh honey. lol
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