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  • Relationships

    Would you date a guy with one ball/woman with three boobs? HEH...I MIGHT.

    Where would you wanna go on your first date? PROLLY JUST STAY HOME AND SMOKE WEED/COFFEE. HA.

    How far will you go on a first date? DEPENDS.

    Kissing: tongue or no tongue? TONGUE.

    How long should people date before becoming engaged? DEPENDS?

    How long was your longest relationship? 3 YEARS.

    Do you send naked pics? UM...NOOOOO. I'M INNICENT! XD

    Have you been in a relationship with more than one person at a time? NOPE.

    What would you buy a bf/gf for valentines day? IT DEPENDS.

    Would you date someone you met online? I GUESS?

    Would you date a soldier? HELL, NO.

    Do you dress fancy or casual for dates? FANCY.

    Would you break up with someone if they had a mental illness? I GUESS?

    Have you ever/or are you in love? YEAH.


    Has a friend ever talked about you behind your back? YEAH.

    Do you have a friend who says they want to hang but never do? I'M THAT EXACT FRIEND. HEH.

    what would you do if your friend cheated with your bf/gf? SHE DID. I NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE EITHER AGAIN.

    Could you be friends with someone who has a mental illness? I'D RATHER NOT.

    Are any of your friends adhd? DUNNO.

    Do you have a friend with benefits? I WISH? HA.....

    Have you dated any of your friends? NO?

    Are you strictly in the friendzone with anyone? YEAH.

    Would you save your friend in a fight? DEPENDS.

    Has any of your friends ever picked a fight with you? YUP.

    Would your friends tattle on you to your parents? PROLLY NOT.

    Are there people you used to be friends with that are now enemies? YES. -_-

    One cookie left, would you give it to your friend? WHICH FRIEND?

    Has any of your friends ever hit on you? YEAH.


    Are you in high school or college? NOPE.

    Have you ever gotten in a fight at school? YUP.

    Are you a bully or a victim? I BULLY BULLIES, IF NECESSARY.

    Do you show up to class late a lot? NO.

    Have you ever been romantic with a teacher/professor? I WISH...I *TERRIBLY* MISS MY HIGH SCHOOL DANCE INSTRUCTOR, MS. ARMSTRONG..... -_-

    What is the worst grade you have gotten on a report card? 11. EW.....

    College: do you live on campus? NOPE.

    Have you ever made out in the janitors closet? NOPE.

    Favorite memory in high school or college so far? AN EX-GIRLFRIEND FINALLY GIVING ME A TASTE OF BOOBIIIIIEEEEES????? XD

    Would you date the quarterback or head cheerleader if given the chance? MAYBE?

    Have you ever made out under the bleachers? NOPE.

    What's your best subject? DUNNO.

    did/do you work while in school? YEAH. MOVIE USHER/DOORMAN.

    College: what are you majoring in? NOPE.

    FamilyDo you have a family? UNMARRIED/NO CHILDREN BY CHOICE.

    Are you adopted? NOPE.

    Do you get along with your mother? YEAH.

    Is anyone in your family abusive? NO.

    How many siblings do you have to deal with? BROTHER. I DISOWNED MY INCORRIGIBLE SISTER.

    Do/did you have to share a room? NO.

    Can you talk more to your mom or your dad? DEPENDS.

    Do you have any in-laws? NOPE.

    Do you ever have to go to family reunions? NOPE.

    Who is your annoying relative? Everyone has one. YOUNG IRRESPONSIBLE COUSINS AND NEPHEW. SISTER.

    Is there someone you consider family but they aren't really? YEAH.

    What kind of punishments were/are used in your household? MOM AND DAD BELT-WHUPPED US CONSISTENTLY TILL ABOUT 13-14.

    What is your last name? ROD.