Working On This Rap Song

  • Working on this.

    I'll scream at you in Clingon
    Morir bestia, morir bestia
    Bitch, your wet dream
    Is to be what I'm supposed to be
    So morir bestia, morir bestia
    But you can't convince me
    I'll never see it your way
    That'll be the day
    A Clingon woman admits weakness
    But you don't realize
    Your anger sets me free
    I didn't do this
    Who do you think you be
    So morir bestia, morir bestia
    You'll see how my revenge is sweet
    I ain't got no emotions
    Like I'm still working on this self-worth
    You think I can't be hurt
    Don't treat me like your sister
    You treat me like I'm history
    If you're not afraid
    Then you wont be afraid of the blade
    It's the one they'll use to cut you from behind
    Cause they're already played
    But you stayed where your enemies can prey upon you
    No matter what they say about you
    This is feasibly the worse you'll ever be treated
    But you know you're wrong
    And you know this is the strongest you'll ever be
    Attacking back with the strength of a warrior
    The longest battle in history
    The profits of death
    Want nothing less of you
    But to stomp all over your life
    And take away your bite
    I heard the call of duty
    When our Queen Elizabeth said our officers deserve to be fed and medicated
    And I don't lose
    It's no secret that we send our Christians over to the fertile crescent
    To be murdered
    I support chaos to destroy your Lord
    I take away your relevance to your Word
    Disposable food to your cause to make you weak
    I'll get it to leak

    I'm a Taino
    They say I'm a shitstarter
    But I'ma warp you out of shape
    Cause you can't run far enough
    So tell me who started this
    And that futile battle between light and dark
    It's darkness that'll always be in your heart
    It's the light that you don't need
    And your eyes that you use to see
    I'm been given bad advice by someone who was there to help me
    But I don't need God to see
    Cause it was you
    And that statement is long passed due
    Freedom, not peace.
    We know you want a piece of the action
    But I have not been fought to inaction
    You're nothing but a lazy
    Thug-ass wanna-be
    It's the way I call you bitches crazy
    And you bitches ignore me
    I'm not waiting for a dial-back on that call
    Cause I'm still fighting to be free
    And all you wanna do is steal and steal and steal from me
    And, bitch, you all gonna fall
    You ain't got the strength to stand for you all
    Eventually they're all gonna know
    They're all gonna see
    What they don't know
    What they've done to me
    I don't do this out of compassion
    It's the horns that I'm flashin
    A call for war
    I'll never take back from the storm
    I'm not afraid of another tour
    I'll never be torn
    It's an oath I swore
    When I joined the corps
    I'll open the door
    I'll crash down the gates
    I'll never forget that you were born
    It's never too late

    The name Alvarez means freedom
    But as a warrior's creed
    If war must come first
    It's time for you to hurt
    I don't choke on politics
    I pay you with reason
    And if you're the snowflake that snaps
    Consider it treason
    To tell me I victimized you
    It'll be a war of attrition 
    I don't play your game
    It just sprays and sprays
    I eat your radiowaves
    And you just cave
    I slay you
    And you just run away
    But I'm sure Parliament
    Would find you fascinating 
    I'm so happy cause today
    I got laid
    But you wont stay
    So where's my day
    I remember a day
    When the standard Liberal problem had to take a back-seat
    Cause now it involved war criminals 
    A liberal invasion of a nation
    That didn't deserve it's interference and humiliation 
    She don't mind
    She got no lines
    She can kill you without even trying
    But if you tell her to go fuck off
    Cause she's not as lofty
    With her goals
    Then you don't exist to her
    And she don't exist to you
    She don't care about being cool
    She ain't ruled by your fads
    But she wants to know
    Who the fuck are you
    Who the fuck you are cause you reaching really far
    So you can extinguish a star born to make it when life gets hard
    Mark the time
    You can't walk a straight line
    You drunk on power
    This is the hour
    You've been deflowered

    -By Linda R. Alvarez