As Terra Turns

  • These people are the kind of reasoning for Conservative law and order stance, where we state that we by design stand against a poor economy and crime, making it so there's less government for it to create and control to meet these short term goals that help no one. But the usual corruption. Not that there isn't an issue with extant government being controlled or cooperating (for the same reasons) by these Liberals. You see, there doesn't seem to be available Conservatives to do all this and there are plenty of existing and interested Liberals, especially since sometimes the Liberal appointment to the PM position changes the habits and shifting of Liberals to more successful places they wouldn't deserve to us. This is why we're Conservatives. This is why we're Clingon. We seek to advance the thing by advancing ourselves and Liberals seek to advance themselves by advancing themselves. They don't get it. And they don't get why this compassion stance causes them to look like preschoolers to us. And their "for the people stance". The difference is, we know why we'd be "for the people". That's why it is Liberals, not Conservatives, who always bullshitted you with it's "by the people and for the people stance". Sometimes, to put it simply, that's just not compassionate enough for them.