Christmas Time

  • Shake that Christmas ass

    Mrs. Clause is a gift-giver

    A hip hugger

    You can't have her

    I pumped that air out of her

    Now her ass is flat

    Make her wanting more

    Of either sex

    What her boundaries for

    It's Christmas time in the city

    Women bumping to a brand new beat

    Don't you take that seat

    Unless you gonna bring the heat

    Propeller and a scotch and coke

    Next time don't get so drunk

    If that's your Rebel Yell

    Someone gonna tell on you

    Saucy women from Sausalito 

    But first Havana 

    Cause we wanna

    And oh we horny

    Columbian women with cinnamon vocal cords

    Brazilian ladies know what we hate

    The ones that say no and are always late

    Anything can happen in this time of Yule

    What are you a tool

    A fool


    Want a horse and carriage

    Don't want no horse and carriage

    I want to fuck some white bitches

    You'll never understand me

    If you don't plan to party


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  • Haze
    Haze haha nice. i just made a song like this. yeah christmas season was so dissapointing and turdy. not fun at all. i got like shard raped by the illuminati. tis the season?
    Jan 22