The Lost, lonely and broken souls

    There is a distant void in your eyes
    A secret pain unknown inside
    Sick hearts full of hate and despair
    Torment relentless and unforgiving
    Hatred inspires the hateful, and the greedy dirty souls
    Your love for me has infested my heart, and eaten away at my soul
    Beyond repair, and out of luck 
    Now I have reached the point that I just don't give a fuck

    Now in this decayed violent thought, a cruel state of mind
    My viciousness for self-destruction and anarchy, has not disdained my self loathing
    I have reached the point upon which there is no return, no turning back now
    My past mistakes have eaten a hole in my heart, and turned it black
    My body is numb, dead inside, my mind is clear and sharp
    My heart still beats for the lost, lonely and broken souls no one speaks for
    possessed by the notion of freedom, everlasting peace in a world of sugar coated lies with razor blades
    A gun to your head if you refuse, this bitter pill of lies
    To all the lost, lonely and broken souls
    Unite with me, fight back and take what is rightfully yours