Lonely Girl

  • I wander aimlessly through life
    Loneliness fills my heart, wherever I go
    My struggle to exist amongst adversity
    lies heavy upon my psyche
    The longer, I continue to feel this way
    I will become numb, to all feeling or sensation
    There will never be, another pure-hearted soul like myself again
    The connection, with your loved one is precious, but easy to break
    Blood will always be thicker than water, but betrayal lies in wait
    Amongst your family and friends, hidden behind a friendly face.

    I remain, the lonely girl that no one knows
    No one understands, or cares for
    Stuck, in a self-created hell 
    Doomed to repeat, my mistakes time and time again
    My daily frustrations, are magnified by the ignorance of others
    Their hatred, fills me with a murderous rage
    It burns, in my heart, and keeps me warm 
    when I want to kill everything that I see in front of me