You took your love away

    You push me, use me, reject me; watch me fall.
    This hollow pain in my heart won't die.
    I hide the agony I feel deep within my soul.
    I am heartbroken, my soul soul is broken and bruised.
    Everyday passes in a blur, my heart sinks, and I die a little more.
    Scars cover my wrists, mind and soul
    I've bled for you, shed tears for you but you still don't want me.
    You used me, you made me cry, broke my heart, and now I want to die. 

    My heart can no longer endure any more sorrow, or pain.
    I am overwhelmed by guilt and shame for my past mistakes.
    All that is left of me, is an empty, broken shell.
    Incapable to love, to live; dead inside.
    I am numb, my heart is broken by all that I have endured through the years.
    Please come and save my soul, heal my heart and make me whole.
    I am nothing without you.
    You complete me, my love; my soul is yours forever.