The Lustful Deviants

  • Submissive manipulation, dominance prevails and controls
    Masochistic tendencies leave a scar upon the skin
    Blood is spilled, devoured
    Cries are heard, but ignored
    Whips and chains excite, and inspire the masses
    Only a select few deviate further, into obscurity

    The more involvement into kinky behaviour, the more it corrupts your soul, your youth
    The innocent have yet to learn the rules, in which to obey
    For their master or mistress is perceived to be a god or goddess
    Of pain or pleasure, whichever one you prefer
    Sex is a meaningless chore, when thought of as a worthless whore
    Their innocence and self-respect has worn away with every man she has fucked

    Bow down to the whip, offer yourself to be taken
    To be used and abused, by your dominant ego
    To please others, while you writhe in pain, and spill your guts
    Innocence and honesty are worthless, if your not already a slut, bitch, or whore
    To show others that you have a backbone, and you won't break easily
    To be considered good is not enough, for the sexual deviant
    They want a filthy, desperate, worthless whore to furfill their needs and desires

    I won't give in, and become another fetish whore, for the masses to devour
    spit out a bloody mess
    I am worth more, I deserve more respect
    A sexual deviant desires for control, obedience, discipline of the soul
    To inspire hatred, lust and pleasure, rape and torment
    The lust of the human soul, will be it's own demise of the body
    For every man in the world, there is a battered, bruised, violated young woman beside them
    The desire of man will never be sustained, until our sexual limits and bloodshed are revealed

    I was born into a life of bloodshed, there is blood on my hands
    My hopes are heightened when I meet like-minded people, until i realise their intentions
    They turn into cold, are careless lustful beasts
    My heart sinks into my stomach, and the overwhelming self-loathing sinks in 
    For I am a sexual deviant, a self-destructive soul
    However I am not a whore, I do not wish to display my naked flesh to the hungry eyes of man
    So if you are of the breed, to expose yourself then go fuck yourself with a crucifix wrapped in barbed wire


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    Haze just like Dante. had enough of the Inferno. want a pact.....sohn
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