My little Secret

  • Tie my wrists behind my back, so I can't resist
    Cover my eyes, so that I am blind
    Pin me down, with your weight, so I can't move
    Punish me, for being a naughty girl

    Your punishment is harsh but pleasurable
    It fills me with a greedy lust and desire,
    to see you holding your riding crop
    The anticipation is too much to bear
    I kneel on my knees and wait for your command

    I am bound and gagged, helpless and wanting on your bed
    My skin tingles at the sensation of your touch, I writhe and moan
    followed by a sharp pain, across my chest as you whip me
    It is exhilarating, exciting and it turns me on
    I want more, but you delay my sexual gratification
    I moan and sigh, in ecstasy for more
    Always willing and and able to please my master
    Now you are inside, I shudder and sigh with every thrust
    Every touch is sacred, and makes me blush and moan
    You are my fantasy, my dirty little secret pleasure