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  • 'You're either dishonest, or blind'

    Posted Wed at 4:43 PM by Darko

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    Lets cut to the chase. I came across an individual making probably the dumbest statement I've seen on the internet in a while... She starts with a disclaimer that she's not met all men (and that's a fair statem Read More...

  • A clever title for a clever post

    Posted Wed at 4:04 PM by rigormotor

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    I was able to get right to sleep last night. The heat has been getting to me. Rather the humidity. It sucks my will to live. I was so tired last night I put my head down on the table and I fell asleep. When I went ho Read More...

  • Art

    Posted Wed at 12:25 PM by VelvetNight


    For those of you who like art I want to share my Art page which is not totally full of stuff.  I've lost my inspiration along with my soul...  so lately I've been only doing decoration and feng shui... But an Read More...

  • Rockers and Metal-Heads

    Posted Wed at 7:28 AM by Bloody

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    just looking for people who shares the same likes as me in metal and rock. mainly metal though. ^_^

  • As Long As I Can See The Light

    Posted Tue at 4:07 PM by rigormotor

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    I got up around 6:30ish am to use the bathroom and grab something to eat. When I went up stairs to do that I stepped on something hard and thought I cut my foot. Mind you I'm not fully awake at this time. So naturally I Read More...

  • Feeling like im in Mourning

    Posted Tue at 1:26 PM by Gothgrl40

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    I am a domestic violence ,child abuse survivor. I left my abusive family and abusive ex in 2011. I'm a single mom,two teens. I'm fortunate to be given another chance at life.But as a result I have C-PTSD..i go thru perio Read More...


    Posted Tue at 6:34 AM by DevilsFood


    If you were an anime character, would you be a yandere or a tsundere? TSUNDERE. If you have glasses, do you get days when you don't feel like wearing them? YAH. Do you ever wear hats indoors? YAH. Have you ever Read More...

  • Pork Soda

    Posted Tue at 2:55 AM by rigormotor

    2 Comments 3 Likes 18 Views

    So today was another big blow out with the roommates. They had a box (gigidy) set up by the bathroom that I could put my mail in. I was going through the box once a week to check on bills that were due. This worked nice Read More...

  • 'If You Ever Think Your Job Is Pointless'

    Posted Mon at 10:31 AM by Darko

    2 Comments 13 Views

    Just remember... That here in Glasgow. We have crossing-guards stationed at fucking traffic lights. :)

  • 74UR7R66436373Y47RITI

    Posted Mon at 7:50 AM by DevilsFood


    Would you ever cut your hair into a mohawk for one thousand bucks?] HAHA...I HAVE A MOHAWK NOW AND FOR YEARS. [Who's the last person you rode in a car with?] DAD? [Have you ever been pulled over? For what?] NO HEAD Read More...