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  • Peter and Joebear Go Fishing... Without Fishing Poles

    Posted 4 hours ago by PersephoneZekk

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    Peter and Joebear Go Fishing... Without Fishing Poles We're on a boat! We're on a boat! Take a good hard look at the mother-fucking boat!!! Pete's on a boat. Joe's on a boat. I'm on a boat! Take a good hard look at th Read More...

  • Help! There are Vaginas Growing In My Armpits

    Posted 4 hours ago by PersephoneZekk


    Help! There are Vaginas Growing In My Armpits TRIGGER WARNING: Political Incorrectness, North versus South, Civil War Prejudice, Sex references, Bestiality, body hair, 80s references Joebear and I were watching TV Read More...

  • a story I'm working on

    Posted 7 hours ago by MaryAugustine


    this is what I got typed so far so please tell me that you think I will only accept honest opinions, I'm like to publish it one day so please be honest   Years in the Future Written by MaryAugustine Monday, Apri Read More...

  • latest development

    Posted Tue at 11:30 AM by Prax

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    oh my god, and i was having such a lovely day! I thought she finally got it into her fucking head, and had decided to give up harrassing me! ... daily at least!but NOO NO! She is still the same rambling maniac who won't Read More...

  • She came back to me. :)

    Posted Mon at 9:59 AM by Prax

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    I never thought this could possibly happen to me. I liked her so much from the very moment i met her for the first time, she was such a nice person, i loved her humor, her honesty, the music she listened to and her gener Read More...

  • What I think

    Posted Mon at 9:14 AM by MaryAugustine

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    People should mind their own business for everyone has problems, they have their own troubles, it's different for everyone but if someone is deeply in pain due to those pains they hide of course they will run of course t Read More...

  • Kingmaker DnD Sesh #3 – The antlion and the Bandits

    Posted Mon at 7:30 AM by Sorter


    So our session started where my buddies left off, as I was on vacation when they did the previous session (Check my album out!), in the middle of a boss fight. It was actually quite easy. They had whipped the floor of th Read More...

  • Kingmaker DnD Sesh #2 - Fae Pranks and a Godly Temple

    Posted Mon at 7:28 AM by Sorter


    (This is last night) And I just got home from another session, which basically consisted of fixing, and leveling up, my character and that of my buddies, some fae pranks, and the main encounter: The temple of Erastil and Read More...

  • Kingmaker DnD Sesh #1

    Posted Mon at 7:25 AM by Sorter


    So last month, I went to a friend's place for our once in a while Pathfinder session, playing Kingmaker campaign, that the video game is based on. I am rolling a sorcerer/wizard hybrid who just hit level 2 planning on be Read More...

  • Is this possible?

    Posted Mon at 3:33 AM by Shiloh89

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    That loved ones that passed away recently can visit in your dreams?  Last night I had a dream my mum has risen back. Because my brother decided he wasn't willing to let our mum go.  She was like she used to b Read More...