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  • "That Moment....."

    Posted Jul 7 by DevilsFood


    - ...when You keep (stupidly?) trying to actually LIKE a certain person..... - ...when some shitty Parker somewhere deservingly-gets A Parking Ticket..... -...when You go Do Your Laundry..... -...when You need t Read More...

  • Melancholy

    Posted Jul 6 by spookydevil6667

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    Alone, again Hiding in my shame One more curse and I start to cry Scream at me when i ask you why Fragile soul, broken soul Yell at me, "do as you're told" Your heart is so cold Call me another name, mock me She' Read More...

  • A Serial for Me and You

    Posted Jul 6 by Discozombie

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    What story will you tell me As you prowl and lust for prey in the shadows? With a peek around the corner, My eyes affix with your benign, tempting Coffee-colored eyes. Our laughter sways and frolics, seeping into E Read More...

  • "Kool Kwotes And Proverbs....."

    Posted Jul 5 by DevilsFood


    + "Only Boring People Get Bored." -RENEGADEDRUMASHEEN + "Yesterday, We Were All Younger." Dr. Elton B. McNeil + "Those Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It." -proverb + Read More...

  • It is over

    Posted Jul 5 by Cheryllenoir89

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    I always wondered how does it feel to delet your feelings for someone? I never thaught it could be possible untill i did it, it doesn't matter what type of feelings as long as they hurt you they have to vanish, so here's Read More...

  • Confusion

    Posted Jul 4 by Cheryllenoir89

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    When you are going through bad moments in life you mostly try to focus on how to make it better, then suddenly a certain someone comes to your life and it appears that they are going through hardship themselves so becaus Read More...

  • Cold Silent Regret

    Posted Jul 2 by Trappernicus

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    He sat there in his bedroom in the dark. Listening to the silence that surrounded him like a cocoon. He could feel the cold air and the gentle breeze from the open window. He could feel his left arm slowly growing colder Read More...

  • 'Hedge-Fund Heir Found Guilty of Murdering Father After Allowan

    Posted Jun 29 by DevilsFood


    ' Hedge-Fund Heir Found Guilty of Murdering Father After Allowance Was Cut ' + On January 4, 2015, Thomas Gilbert Jr. unexpectedly arrived at his parents' posh apartment in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay neighborhood, jus Read More...

  • Holy Jeebus on a pogo stick

    Posted Jun 29 by buriedwithin

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    Religion is a taboo subject with just about anyone if it doesn't include their version on "God". I am a Secular Buddhist, which means I am basically an Atheist that respects the teachings of the human Buddha as a life- Read More...

  • 2019 Trends to Try- Alt style

    Posted Jun 29 by bvtti33

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