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  • Getting old and seeing the differences in generations

    Posted Apr 15 by buriedwithin

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         I'm often saying that I feel old, but that has always referred to health and decades of memories.  Now that the kids born in 2000 are turning 18, I'm seeing the real differences between our gen Read More...

  • In the Dead of the Night...New Song Lyric Writing.

    Posted Apr 11 by CrashdietMetal900

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    In the dead of the Night,  Run as fast as you can my dear,Because you need to survive, In the dead of the Night. Under the moonlight sky,Take a glance around, Open your eyes,let them seek around, Read More...

  • A song I made

    Posted Apr 11 by TabithaToxic

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    Oh the Dramatic   She's in the bathroom,holding a knife Oh no the dramatic,oh the climatic It's just too late at night   Her month spits out hipricatical lies There's alligator tears in here eyes Ther Read More...

  • Happy Place

    Posted Apr 9 by LoveBlossoming

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    I look up at the ceiling and close my eyes. I count stars through eyelids, plaster, and tiles. I see through space and darkness to find myself floating. I float in a lake deep as that endless night. Dark water. Dark Read More...

  • The Other World

    Posted Apr 8 by DrDacryo

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    Whats that sound? Nobody really knows, however, I do, that sound is that of The Other World. A dark, desolate and deprived land, we mere men and women are unable to comprehend it's existence and the only thing that prove Read More...

  • Death

    Posted Mar 30 by denixvames

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    Eyes Bleed Of Despair Talking About Suffering From Lips Of Death And Nothing Can Keep Everyone From Having The Same Inevitable Fate Us Humans Must Go Through Waiting Almost An Eternity To See Ourselves Rot Away Read More...

  • She Bid Me Farewell

    Posted Mar 30 by ScalyManfish

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    There was a time when I used to smile,there was a time when I felt fine,but it has been quite a while,since our fingers intertwined,now my whole life's in a file,that the shrink has labeled mine,still every time I reach Read More...

  • check out my podcast!

    Posted Mar 28 by Bringmebacktolife

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  • Deceit

    Posted Mar 25 by denixvames

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    Snake Moves At Sound Of Innocent Souls Who Fear The Truth And So The Serpent Keeps Everything Hidden From Those That Cannot Say The Truth Accept The Truth Die With The Truth For That Is What Liars Are The Truth Read More...

  • The Fearless Fashion of Spooky Skulls

    Posted Mar 16 by jawbreakerc


    Spooky skulls celebrate the alternative fashion in the most fearless way! Flaunting your individual style influenced with various subculture aesthetics is trending among millennial. And this edgy, experimental fashion le Read More...