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  • 74UR7R66436373Y47RITI

    Posted Mon at 7:50 AM by DevilsFood


    Would you ever cut your hair into a mohawk for one thousand bucks?] HAHA...I HAVE A MOHAWK NOW AND FOR YEARS. [Who's the last person you rode in a car with?] DAD? [Have you ever been pulled over? For what?] NO HEAD Read More...

  • Missing someone prt. 2

    Posted Mon at 1:31 AM by DragonofOuroboros

    2 Likes 25 Views

    "My tears like rain Flows down my cheeks, like a stream. Sadness and despair, Are the only sensations that I feel in my heart. My heart broken into small pieces, fallen from the wrong guy. So much pain... Is it hea Read More...

  • If Only

    Posted Aug 18 by RosilinaPrimi

    2 Likes 23 Views

    If only I could accept the signs in front of me, I could find the way to who I meant to be.. 

  • With me

    Posted Aug 18 by RosilinaPrimi

    4 Likes 12 Views

    Will you still be with me, When the magic's all run out..  

  • In The Beginning

    Posted Aug 18 by rigormotor

    3 Likes 35 Views

    So this is the first in a few of my journal entries. The first in starting over from VF. To be honest I had a very hard time going back to re read some of what was written about from 2016-2017. There wasn't much posi Read More...

  • 'Top Tip'

    Posted Aug 18 by Darko

    2 Likes 10 Views

    Should I chose to compliment you; There's no need to share your sexual orientation, or relationship status with me. It's only a compliment, not a marriage proposal. 


    Posted Aug 17 by DevilsFood


    Did you ever felt bored in a church? OHHHHH, YEAAAAAHHHHH...UUUUUGH!!!!! >_< do you talk to yourself pretending your someone else? AAAAALL THE TIIIIIIIIIIME...FOR YEEEEEARSSSSS..... XD Did you ever copy your Read More...

  • Thoughts

    Posted Aug 17 by Zombiepunk

    2 Comments 1 Like 25 Views

    Its pretty interesting how nearly dying changes your mindset, while your body convulses, you see all the things you worried about in the past. When you wake up, it doesn't matter to you anymore. This is the lesson I had Read More...

  • Call of Duty : Black ops 3

    Posted Aug 16 by Bloody

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    Me and my xbox one Friends made it to these high rounds on call of duty black ops 3 zombies. The Giant - 52 rds Ascension - 49 rds Revelations - 48 rds Shi No Numa - 44 rds Der Eisendrache - 43 rds Moon - 43 rds V Read More...

  • 77

    Posted Aug 16 by Bloody

    2 Comments 4 Likes 20 Views

    We're only 77 more days until Halloween