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  • Life

    Posted Jun 23 by ThatOneGoth


    * The creature understood nothing and screamed louder *

  • Explaining a birds behavior to a fish

    Posted Jun 23 by ThatOneGoth

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    "why is that creature up there?" cries the fish. It is dry and hot, why does it not swim down here? There is more to see down here than there is up there!" The bird hears the fish and cries, "Why do you swim down there Read More...

  • The light of the metal forge

    Posted Jun 23 by ThatOneGoth


    If the fire of the forge has not yet illuminated my path I will follow the sparks.

  • Dark Garden

    Posted Jun 23 by ThatOneGoth


    My dark garden no longer grows, weeping in the shadows only darkness knows. the flowers are gone, the grass is dry. I can only stare into the eye of the void. what is it that I see, no trees, no birds, no light no lifea Read More...

  • Broken

    Posted Jun 23 by ThatOneGoth


    Full yet hollowEmpty but ever fillingThe growing nightmare only dreams of getting smaller Feeling sickFeeling weakToo strong to breakToo weak to bend   Will the hurt ever end The silence is the loudest cryHeart Read More...

  • Fly

    Posted Jun 23 by ThatOneGoth


    Perhaps if we can fly we can leave our troubles behind. All these fears undying, trapping us in place. Is there reason to try? Holding our troubles close will only take us so far.   Release and fly away Reach Read More...

  • Random bullshit inner monologue

    Posted Jun 23 by ThatOneGoth

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    Lo the fallen frost bitter against my breath. It bites seeking the warmth that kills it.

  • Etherith The End Of Reality

    Posted Jun 23 by anaehtheana

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    Owh Angels, who were born in a Heaven of Sadness and struck from Altars of ice already carried down on the stairs of this Heaven of Sadness, struck when the altar broke by an arrest of torment as frailty of beauty as a c Read More...

  • Don't Wake Your Bear and Bring Him to Work with You

    Posted Jun 23 by PersephoneZekk


    Don't Wake Your Bear and Bring Him to Work with You TRIGGER WARNING: Racism, Swearing, General Ridiculousness, Politically-Incorrectness Joebear and I were tired. We were up until 5:30 a.m. researching the world and Read More...

  • Phenomena | Magickal

    Posted Jun 22 by KarolynnManson

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    It comes and it goes.I see what I want, need and desired all laid out in front. But the glass barrier called doubt has been placed in my pathway.It's been reinforced with depression and skepticism.How ever do I tear Read More...