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  • Teenagers what happen throughout the years.

    Posted Aug 15 by CrashdietMetal900

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    The teenager of today, Do not know about the word, Respect, Sit down and cry and moan, Cause the world doesn't care,About them.The teenager of 1980's..Either a skinhead or rocker,Fighting for there ri Read More...

  • Missing someone prt. 1

    Posted Aug 15 by DragonofOuroboros

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    "I've awoken in the morning light Still shaken up from the agony, I have dealt with during a sleepless night The dense pain, I can no longer bear Needing someone to hold me tight  To bury my love  I yearn Read More...

  • "That Moment....." Part 2:

    Posted Aug 14 by DevilsFood


    ...when You finally 'BLOCK' that one annoying, goddamned, stupidass idiot that actually decided to screenshoot and post some infinitely-pathetic loser's shitty posts... -_- #YouGoddamnedStupidDumbass. ...when You ins Read More...


    Posted Aug 14 by DevilsFood


    How Often Are You Nude A Day? UM, 2-4 TIMES DAILY DUE TO 2-4 SHOWERS DAILY HERE LATELY. #HotassDaysCurrently. Are You Nude Everyday? PURDY MUCH. Are You Nude Now? NOPE. Have You Ever Been Caught Nude By Anyone? Read More...

  • 'Memoirs Of My 3am Drunken thoughts'

    Posted Aug 13 by Darko

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    Astronauts are basically the hipsters of space. They don't conform to the norms of gravity. If you take chips, and cook them like french-toast, does that make them french fries? Spaghetti is just basically Ital Read More...

  • The way I see the whole world.

    Posted Aug 13 by CrashdietMetal900

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    Demanding the whole world to change, Crying when another makes a mistake, Demanding the whole world to change, all humanity driving too fast even to brake.Screaming about your life choices, Looking li Read More...

  • 637474HRUDURUR74

    Posted Aug 13 by DevilsFood


    Have you ever disliked someone just because a friend disliked them? YEAH. SOMETIMES IT INDEED *IS* LEGIT. SOMETIMES NOT. Which would you rather own: A camera or a video camera. Why? VIDEOCAM. BECAUSE. Have you ever Read More...

  • 'Let It Be Said'

    Posted Aug 13 by Darko

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    I Do Not Care For Your PoliticsYes, I said it. I don't care if you're a hardcore republican. I don't care if you're a far leftist. You're both as equally as cancerous as eachother. But do you know wha Read More...

  • Asian Hater

    Posted Aug 12 by Toast

    3 Comments 25 Views

    This isn't a racist thing, I promise. Just a story about me when I was just a measly extra awkward teen in middle school dealing with stuff.  When I first went to middle school everything was relatively normal in s Read More...

  • The Spook in My Room

    Posted Aug 12 by Toast

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    So this hasn't happened in a minute and I nearly forgot about it actually but, my sleep paralysis demon stopped by again. My first encounters were pretty scary actually.(it's lengthy be warned) First, it started with me Read More...