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  • One's thoughts, one's life

    Posted Jun 22 by MaryAugustine

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    I am aware that most of what I say has nothing to do with anyone and that no one would care, but my words are all I have left. Therefore, I shall say them regardless;  A long, long time ago when the child was sti Read More...

  • What Lies Beyond?

    Posted Jun 22 by DrDacryo


    What a strange and peculiar land we have materialised in. Don't you agree? I mean since venturing The Other World and surviving the onslaught of Shadows it's been hard to get a grip on this other reality, I cant even com Read More...

  • My likes. And hates! My thoughts are

    Posted Jun 22 by Shiloh89

    7 Comments 4 Likes 59 Views

     Pictures, I really enjoy expressing myself that way. (So go ahead and check them out already!)You don't have to like it, just like how I don't give a fuck about your opinion. (It's cute you have one thoug Read More...

  • Scars

    Posted Jun 21 by Trappernicus


    Of course I recognise this place. My feet bloodied and bruised. On your broken glass lies. That litter my pathway of tears. I know where this story leads to. It is traced in scarred dreams. Like a lattice of fear. That Read More...

  • Depression or Acedia?

    Posted Jun 21 by Trappernicus


    Do you have Depression or is it really just Acedia? I know about Depression but what is Acedia you may well ask. Acedia is a medieval term used to describe a mental malice that can manifest as either or both, boredom an Read More...

  • I'm gonna take a nap and a break from the inbox because morons

    Posted Jun 20 by Shiloh89

    13 Comments 3 Likes 145 Views

    Eww, ppl don't add me if you gonna ask me the most stupid questions. Thought you like to know someone was posting pictures of you. If I get any other messages off random strangers,  I miss sharing vids pictures with Read More...

  • Peter W. Parker Gets Electric Shock Therapy After Being Peter B

    Posted Jun 19 by PersephoneZekk

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    Peter W. Parker Gets Electric Shock Therapy After Being Peter Bunion I, Xara Nahara Campinelli, was working with the Parkers again after they found their new duplex in Snotville, GA. Their other house in Logantown, GA Read More...

  • :)

    Posted Jun 19 by blessedangel13

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    When a shooting star occurs make a wish which way you wanna goWishes come true when you believe and your spirit will show When you find a star that represent your life hold on to itThe angels are watching over you i Read More...

  • :)

    Posted Jun 19 by blessedangel13


    inspiring yourself to do better is the greatest gift you can haveYou can overcome anything if you have faith and be able to laugh Don't faulter other people's mistakes when you have your ownYou can make your life in Read More...

  • :)

    Posted Jun 19 by blessedangel13


    let your heart know what it really wants to dotell someone how you feel without hesitating the truthIf you feel the vibe between the two express it your own wayConfusion and frustration will hurt if u don't have nothing Read More...