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  • Story Time: Childhood Story

    Posted Aug 8 by Discozombie

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    Hello, wonderful peeps! I decided to share one of my childhood stories ^_^ I thought some of you might get a kick out of it x3  When I was in my preschool years, my old church had the preschool program and that's w Read More...

  • A Lame Person & Lame Gibberish

    Posted Aug 8 by Toast

    4 Comments 2 Likes 29 Views

    Hello, I'm new here and I would love to make new friends. I'm just a really shy person and I don't know how to approach people. Pretty bad, I know. I just don't know where to start I guess. I've moved away from Californi Read More...

  • 'if I was to fall asleep tonight, and never see tomorrow'

    Posted Aug 8 by Darko

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      Sometimes. A lot of the time.When I'm not feeling like myself. And I'm maybe twenty-something cans of beer into my self-care. I think to myself. "if I was to fall asleep tonight, and never see Read More...


    Posted Aug 7 by DevilsFood


    -What would you do in these situations? Your date calls to cancel but then you see them out w someone else. OHHHHH, REEEEEALLY?!?!?!?! HAHAAAAA...WELL, I SUPPOSE I *MIGHT* TAKE A BIT OF VIDEO OF THEM BOTH THEN LATE Read More...

  • Realization during a crisis

    Posted Aug 7 by Cacoethes

    3 Comments 3 Likes 33 Views

    I don't have anyone left to have open conversations with.. Like, this is very bad for me and no one understands how crucial I need that. I honestly can not be trusted alone with my own thoughts and people just kind of sh Read More...

  • Gatekeeper Lecata Quiz

    Posted Aug 7 by DarkGatekeeperGaming

    2 Likes 5 Views

    This is an official DGG Contest! Starting now and running until midnight at the end of the month. Win a free novella and other goodies by getting as many questions correct as you can.  

  • Some FAQ's about yours truly

    Posted Aug 7 by SyntheticGhost13

    2 Comments 1 Like 18 Views

    1. Can i play with/braid your hair? A: wellll...probably not. If you are dating me, i wouldn't mind as much but anything else would be weird. Don't be that weirdo lol 2. Are you a gamer? A: yes. Ps4. In Read More...

  • Not that it matters.

    Posted Aug 7 by Cacoethes

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    I keep checking my email to see if you feel how I feel, to see if you will still break this wheel, on the cycle that keeps me from a real heal, not just a temporary bandaid that over time will peel. You were the last of Read More...

  • QT 7: Ayy, get to know me

    Posted Aug 7 by Discozombie

    12 Comments 4 Likes 36 Views

    What is your natural hair color? - dark chocolate brown with natural reddish tint/highlights. You can see the red more when I'm out in the sun What color do you want your hair to be? - I really want dark purple hair&n Read More...

  • They're back

    Posted Aug 6 by Cacoethes

    2 Likes 15 Views

    I've never done it but they're tempting me, how can I know if I don't and see? My only strength were the promises made, and now abandoned again with each blink all I see is a blade. The two may be harmful but at least fo Read More...