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  • I'm asking all fellow members of Vampirefreaks

    Posted Jun 18 by Shiloh89

    11 Comments 11 Likes 124 Views

    Recently I've taken the time to read Jets post about Vampirefreaks shutting down. I've read a lot of people that want jet to give website to next trusted.  And that someone, may even create a website just like Vamp Read More...

  • Is this because I'm new?

    Posted Jun 18 by Shiloh89

    3 Comments 58 Views

    My profile says that myself and the admins of this website can only see my profile, I wrote my profile out hoping people could at least read it before messaging me. <!--/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.app.notes/files Read More...

  • New here, drop some lesser known stoner/doom/sludge bands. Need

    Posted Jun 17 by intotheviolence

    2 Comments 17 Views

    What've you got. Stuff in the vein of Dopethrone, Primitive Man, Eyehategod, Slabdraagger, Electric Wizard etc.  

  • advice

    Posted Jun 14 by kara

    10 Comments 1 Like 71 Views

    Hello, I'm in treatment and just finding out that my father's getting married. It's in a biker church of course and I can't drink where I'm going. I really want to be I'm totally am unsure of what to do? My father are Read More...

  • hello and thank you

    Posted Jun 11 by kara

    8 Likes 30 Views

    hey im new to this site and I'm sure everyone is friendly. So far I've been shown nothing but kindness for everyone. I thank you.

  • Today

    Posted Jun 11 by xGothicOddityx

    7 Likes 47 Views

    Today, Today I did a lot of things. Today I tried my best. Today I was tired. Today I cried. Today was long, With no one but me by my side.

  • "My Weirdest Dream?"

    Posted Jun 7 by DevilsFood


    Heh...I raaaaarely ever recall my dreams nowadays. Usually maybe only sexual ones. That's rare too, ha. Usually only with A Certain Seeeeexy Woman I once knew and who I miss SOOOOO MUCH. *siiiiiiigh* -_- Oh, Read More...

  • Humanity is lost 2019.

    Posted May 26 by CrashdietMetal900

    3 Likes 37 Views

    Simple facts about why I lost faith in Humanity in 2019. Where do I actually start, Well it could be that Humanity is very contradicting of themselves and wanting this and wanting that but are actually too weak do stand Read More...

  • "Goth Politics?"

    Posted May 23 by DevilsFood


    Government Politics, Military Politics, International Politics, Office Politics, Gang Politics, College Politics, Hollywood Politics, Police Politics, Hospital Politics, Command Staff Politics, Rank-And-File Politics, So Read More...

  • Reflection

    Posted May 22 by Silas

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    How dark is my heart When everything I care for Always falls apart