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  • Straight from the Heart...

    Posted Jan 30 by Deathbysnusnu

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    Standing on the edge of everything and your heart feels as if it's been torn out of your chest...a gaping hole within your torso, spilling so much blood that you fall to the ground, shake, tremble and fear the end of it Read More...

  • A Lover's Way

    Posted Jan 21 by lindalvarez


    He seems to take for granted A woman who changes A world that becomes new to her He favours a love that's repetitive That love that is, that is supposed to be A love that was And not an is to Read More...

  • Vampirefreaks - Hidden Agenda no more!

    Posted Jan 19 by ShadowBane

    20 Comments 5 Likes 258 Views

    Let's take you back to 2004 a good five years after Vampirefreaks launched and just about the time that a generation of edgelords, mall goths, hipsters and hot topic shopping college trust fund kitties found an alternati Read More...

  • My little Secret

    Posted Jan 19 by Draculina1

    2 Likes 134 Views

    Tie my wrists behind my back, so I can't resistCover my eyes, so that I am blindPin me down, with your weight, so I can't movePunish me, for being a naughty girlYour punishment is harsh but pleasurableIt fills me w Read More...

  • The Lustful Deviants

    Posted Jan 19 by Draculina1

    1 Comment 117 Views

    Submissive manipulation, dominance prevails and controlsMasochistic tendencies leave a scar upon the skinBlood is spilled, devouredCries are heard, but ignoredWhips and chains excite, and inspire the massesOnly a s Read More...

  • You took your love away

    Posted Jan 19 by Draculina1


      You push me, use me, reject me; watch me fall.This hollow pain in my heart won't die.I hide the agony I feel deep within my soul.I am heartbroken, my soul soul is broken and bruised.Everyday passes in a b Read More...

  • Turning away from the world/Fading away

    Posted Jan 19 by Draculina1


    On your peripheral vision, like a flake of dust, a distorted image.Say goodbye to me like a waking dream.    Will you still be there, when I have destroyed almost all of myself.The cracks are starting to s Read More...

  • Slave to the blade

    Posted Jan 19 by Draculina1

    2 Comments 118 Views

    I am a junkie for pain and blood.I feed the need, inside my heart, the craving to slice and tear; and rip apart.There is violence and darkness in my soul, amongst depths never to be known.The pounding in my head wi Read More...

  • Lonely Girl

    Posted Jan 19 by Draculina1


    I wander aimlessly through lifeLoneliness fills my heart, wherever I goMy struggle to exist amongst adversitylies heavy upon my psycheThe longer, I continue to feel this wayI will become numb, to all feeling or sen Read More...

  • The Lost, lonely and broken souls

    Posted Jan 19 by Draculina1


      There is a distant void in your eyesA secret pain unknown insideSick hearts full of hate and despairTorment relentless and unforgivingHatred inspires the hateful, and the greedy dirty soulsYour love for m Read More...