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  • Answering Philosophical Questions

    Posted Aug 22 by MissBlackRose

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    Does fate exist? If so, do we have free will?- Many believe that there is a system of fate, a destiny if you prefer, in their lives. Thought to me, fate is just an illusion. For even thought it seems like some one or thi Read More...

  • Reasons for non-activity, Think it is time to explain.

    Posted Aug 21 by CrashdietMetal900

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    Reason why I have not been active a lot on here is because of something that I have said as bad situations in my personal life, While that statement is true, it is more like I have been trying to get sorted with my menta Read More...

  • Excerpt from an untitled story

    Posted Aug 21 by jolenemoon

    4 Comments 3 Likes 83 Views

    (This is a short excerpt of something I'm working on, told from some different perspectives of those considered to be mentally unwell, and their struggles in a world full of people looking to take advantage of them. This Read More...

  • Dead Friends: Love

    Posted Aug 20 by denixvames

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    The new goth in the city walked over to the bar. He sat in between Richard and Misery. "What's your name?" asked Misery. "Salem." "Whoa, that's like the name of the village where they hung twenty people after they clai Read More...

  • I Tried

    Posted Aug 20 by ScalyManfish

    2 Likes 76 Views

    It's been the worst day,since the day you didn't show,I've come a long way,still got a long way to go,so what can I say,that you don't already know,well, I'm not okay,that's just the way that it goes,You said we'd be tog Read More...

  • The pain of love's sting

    Posted Aug 16 by blackstar

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    The ghost of my love visits me in the land of shadows. she bring her beloved angle with her they act like they care but they do not know my pain they smile together and laugh together. I ake and they do not notice but my Read More...

  • Dead Friends

    Posted Aug 13 by denixvames

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    The group were sitting in an abandoned house. Listening to each others' poems. "It's your turn, Night." said Pluto who wore a long sleeve shirt with Edgar Allan Poe's face, jeans, Doc Martens boots, and a hooded cloak Read More...

  • wings of fallen love

    Posted Jul 24 by blackstar

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    Today was the last day of my love's life for she is dead she left me for a creature of the light. She has now tasted the forbidden fruit of the gods. My how the world lives to see me suffer why do I bother finding thing Read More...

  • MS - The Spooky Bunch

    Posted Jul 20 by denixvames


    Kat had been a holy witch since the Dark Magic War. Jake, her boyfriend, was the Grim Reaper. His scythe being partially his guitar. The blade and handle with the body of a guitar attached. Jon, their best friend, was Read More...

  • Darkness' Friends

    Posted Jul 15 by denixvames


    Darkness Feeds Off Fear Swallowing Growing Sorrow The Hate That Flows From Strangers From Those That Despise Difference Nothing Is Changed For Reasons Reasons Of The Unchangeable Darkness Thrives Off Hatred