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  • Slave to the Dark

    Posted September 27, 2013 by Dominiqueka

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    In this room I cling to the corner Scrapping at the walls I dare not lose grip For in an inch Light will seize I tried, I truly did To cast out its glow But still it crept Through the creases in which I bound it Read More...

  • Otherkin Hunt (A Failed Banishing)

    Posted September 27, 2013 by BlakeCrowe


    Name and title amongst Us,Dost Christ give to thee?Thee,Sons of the deceiver Daughters of the DevilBe gone from me.We,Laughter of a beastCries of the GoatShall be with theeFor this great eternity.Weep, oh lover of angels Read More...

  • The Invocation of Me

    Posted September 24, 2013 by BlakeCrowe

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    Invoke the unseenPress your palms to my temple Bless the earthen mounds Beneath which we layPlay the harp of eternityWith the nails of hateHasten fate with your palmsTo a unordained endCrush and burn them againYou are po Read More...

  • Darkness Take Me, Your Child

    Posted September 17, 2013 by BlakeCrowe


    We, born under you my LordMaker, Remake UsIn your intimate imageWe yearn for our birth Into the darknessInto the IlluminationOf Death.We, BelovedBy our Lord, Death.We, HatedBy our mortal counterpartsThey, Bereft of Illum Read More...

  • Ever Rose Bleeds Blue

    Posted September 16, 2013 by kaitlynn7595

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    Oh my Rose, From red to bleeding blue, I can never believe This thought to be true. Delicate petals Soft like rain Whom fall apart From hidden pain My Rose, That needs My Rose, And it needs Why do you k Read More...

  • My Last Goodbyes (My Unreleased Lyrics)

    Posted September 13, 2013 by BlakeCrowe


       I have been told by my old band mates that I can release the previously unused and unreleased Lyrics that I wrote for the band.    "My Last Goodbyes" (clean)Can you feel the air(screaming)FLOWI Read More...

  • See You Six Feet Under (My Unreleased Lyircs)

    Posted September 13, 2013 by BlakeCrowe


     I have been told by my old band mates that I can release the previously unused and unreleased Lyrics that I wrote for the band.    "Six Feet Under"   (SCREAMING)YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING BUT I GUESS Read More...

  • The Dream of a Madman

    Posted September 12, 2013 by BlakeCrowe


    I a man, now fading In this never-realm Of shade and shadow Brought here by fate, Can see my heart Becoming blind with doubt Blackened by my own ambition While I search for a way out. The air is becoming thick With mourn Read More...

  • Descarded love

    Posted September 8, 2013 by gunki

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    Bleak midwinter And snow lies all around My heart is cold and empty And I long to walk on the hot sand With the sun burning my body And my love close at hand Will you ever return? Or will I always live in bleak mi Read More...

  • A Stage Feigned With Death In Mind

    Posted September 6, 2013 by BlakeCrowe

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    Oh Darkness Wilst thou notForebear these thoughts Born of dread and midnight's lamentTo wed we the deepest of lovers Together, upon the precipice of night.Forget not the ring oh loveliest of creaturesLest fabricated love Read More...