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  • Uncle Jesus

    Posted October 11, 2014 by Cryoborg447


    Guilty guilty guilty ofof releasing pain in the fetid orgasmCut cut cut deep through the flesh Ripped in such artful waysAll is burnt but still aliveBreathing through intravenous that punctured lungsThe mockery of s Read More...

  • She is the Devil in me

    Posted October 8, 2014 by Cryoborg447

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    I heard your voice in the echoes of darknessdown the hall to the empty white roomI saw the blankets wrapped around youYour skin was whiter than the moonThis guilt I felt, I cannot hold backYou meant so much to meBut now Read More...

  • The Laments of Glory

    Posted October 6, 2014 by Cryoborg447

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    Converging darkness, within the grasp of pain. Sauntered the daemon alone it walked, waining through the meadow of despair.  Unto its own world, where naught the harbingers of lament and depravity rot in shallow gr Read More...

  • The Morbid Dance of Molly

    Posted October 5, 2014 by Cryoborg447

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    This dirty little girl, she spent her days on the bathroom floorWith a father on drugs, mother was a whoreThis suffering she felt was intenseLike needles in her skinAll that pain rushing to her headShe lost all sense Of Read More...

  • Freak Street

    Posted October 3, 2014 by DannieSeiwert56

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    I walk down the hallway toward class. I drop all my books. They scatter and something I hate more than "Freak", Stares. I am an antisocial Freak.

  • Achtung! Achtung! Kernkraftwerk Soldat

    Posted October 3, 2014 by Cryoborg447


    -And that motherfucker said to me, he said: I ain't blowing nuthin up-   In a city trap in darkness where the lights burnt out from riots I am the harbinger of damnation I'll destroy the paradox!   I've s Read More...


    Posted October 3, 2014 by Cryoborg447


    In a place where black ravens feed, little white doves that crave to be purgedThe lust of innocence told in fairytales now coming true.This is their story.Highlights shinning bright, on the stage bring the show tonightLe Read More...

  • Rape Face (creepypasta horror)

    Posted October 3, 2014 by Cryoborg447

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    So my story begins tonight, on this social site that I will not give name to, nor throw any harmful/crude annotations about it. It was merely a site that I’ve been on for over five to maybe six or seven years, I do Read More...

  • A sinners pleasure

    Posted October 1, 2014 by DariusRakkan


    I can not help what I am, nor would I if I could. For people like me it is only a matter of time before I slide back to my old ways. I am ruled by instinct more than logic most of the time. I praise my logic and try to Read More...

  • This is me

    Posted October 1, 2014 by bensvoice


    Sold my soul to the devil long ago I lost my my mind back when mama lost her heart. brother brother were you not afraid i follow your footsteps in the path that  you make. i take the same road the same p Read More...