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  • I have found my truest passion!

    Posted Jul 14 by Alexandrdragon


    After months of isolation from the burden being a terrible socializer. I found something that awaken my confidence: creating music..   I finally have an idea what to create: something no one has never done or Read More...

  • Love is a lie there is only pain

    Posted Jun 26 by blackstar

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    My love has left me in the dark one again she was the ray that lit the path throw life. Now the path darkens with nothing to guide me what is the point of my being now I go to speak with the darkness for it is my only tr Read More...

  • My haunting dreams

    Posted Jun 25 by blackstar


    My dreams are haunted by this demon of white she lays there next to me smiling he her red ruby smile. Her eyes shine a crimson red am going to wind up dead who is she this lady in white as i stare up at the fal Read More...

  • Suffering

    Posted May 30 by denixvames


    Pain In My Heart Wilting Away Slowly Glass Cuts Deep In My Soul Captured By Darkness Nowhere Left To Run Stuck In Eternal Damnation

  • Addiction

    Posted May 30 by ScalyManfish

    1 Comment 3 Likes 126 Views

    There's a smile,that I don't have to fake,for a while,until you walk away,then I'm dying,as my heart starts to break,and I'm crying,I can't go on this way,It seems like,you're a strong dose,I get high,whenever we're clos Read More...

  • Blood is life part 2

    Posted May 30 by AmyMoran


    Thick, long black hair was untangled easily by the paddle brush carefully running through it. Glasses still missing, Jessica stared at her reflection in the mirror on the vanity table. She thought how odd she appeared to Read More...

  • Blood is life part 1

    Posted May 28 by AmyMoran

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    This is something I was working on, on another gothic site;   Hands bound behind her back in metal cuffs. Head pounding from where she'd been hit. Darkness. Something over her head. Jessica was stumbling as someon Read More...

  • My Health Journey

    Posted May 13 by AmyMoran

    2 Likes 99 Views

    Thank you. I'm literally brand new to this site and have honestly never felt so welcomed. I would like to share a story with you all. This is pretty personal... I used to be quite big. I had no energy. I was taking anti Read More...

  • Depression

    Posted May 9 by ScalyManfish

    1 Comment 2 Likes 132 Views

    This depression keeps on making love,deep inside my brain,that means it's multiplying,as I've slowly gone insane,and I can't stand to be,the person I became,it just keeps getting worse you see,I cannot take this pain,so Read More...

  • Friends

    Posted May 4 by buriedwithin


    I live in one of the most open-minded liberal areas of the US, but the punk scene is all but dead here, and the goth scene is basically made up of the few people without parenting responsibilities or early morning jobs, Read More...