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  • Am the Monster that you hate.

    Posted September 23, 2018 by CrashdietMetal900

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    I am the monster that you will hate, Someone that you cage and gate, I am the monster that you don’t see, But the monster hiding within the sea, Fuck the labels, Fuck the medication, Fuck the words of goth and meta Read More...

  • Chernobyl

    Posted September 23, 2018 by CrashdietMetal900

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    A little poem based Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster 1986 also targeting human man made things, that is often blamed on mother nature doing. Government refuse to take blame, so do people. Yet when you sit and realise that a la Read More...

  • Why distances yourself from everyone = kindness ( For the ones

    Posted September 23, 2018 by Alexandrdragon

    6 Comments 2 Likes 81 Views

    In world a humans, there is always an unpredictability. Things you can't always control. Things you can never change.  This year I went down a strange path. Something I never done before. I stopped reaching out to Read More...

  • Change the world

    Posted September 23, 2018 by CrashdietMetal900

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    A true representation of how I see the world and humanity at this point in time. I used to always write stuff like this in word and never share it but yet the world could do with more controversial writing in the world. Read More...

  • Pound and Ground

    Posted September 23, 2018 by CrashdietMetal900

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    Hated me or love me for every fleshly pound, Kick me, break me, kill me and put me in the ground, here the life I wish I had, the popular, the fake, here the life I love right now, hard and face down in th Read More...

  • My Mind is now owned.

    Posted September 23, 2018 by CrashdietMetal900


    My mind is now owned, mind is now controlled, succubus, Feeling broken down, and a clone, Am I one of those homunculus, My head is a book of mistakes, past and present, knowing the future is the Read More...

  • Another Vessel

    Posted September 18, 2018 by Barbosa

    1 Comment 5 Likes 103 Views

    I have become afraid of asking myself the important questions After all these years of giving advice to others to be more honest, I turned into an old man, bitter, angry, "wise" with no audience, hiding inside his cott Read More...

  • Hanging a for sale sign on the bell tower? Have fun!

    Posted September 12, 2018 by ShadowBane

    7 Comments 3 Likes 141 Views

    I don't understand why the goths want to sell their own children out. Every little thing I enjoy that I naturally took to without the internet such as hitting up halloween stores for cheap make up to last me all year, li Read More...

  • there is only one

    Posted September 12, 2018 by blackstar

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    There is only you. You can try to make friend but bye the end of the day you have only yourself. I know this to well I was once surrounded by friend but to what end the would eventually leave. Sure I could make more frie Read More...

  • The Brink

    Posted September 1, 2018 by jolenemoon

    6 Comments 3 Likes 132 Views

    Disclaimer: This is just me trying to express these thoughts, this frustration. It's a personal journal entry, meant to only express my thoughts and experiences in my current situation.    I called this the b Read More...